It has been six months since the ruling ring was cast back to where it was made

Sauron has been undone and his armies scattered to the winds. But while the free people of middle Earth rejoice, they do so with a heavy heart. For what is before them is the heavy burden of rebuilding and saying farewell to what has lost. Our story takes us to Erebor, the great bastion of the dwarves, which stood the assault of the dark armies while around it Dale and Laketown were once more put to the torch.

More refugees pour into the mountain daily, their home having been lost in the War of the Ring. But as grim as things may be, the dwarves have not forgotten their allies. They work tirelessly with the men of Rhovanion to rebuild Dale and the surrounding villages, while sending out provisions to the refugees that are now living rough in the wilds.

But for all their good intentions, the dwarves generosity is greater than what they can give. The riches of Erebor lie in gold and precious gems, not in coal. Yet much of the work needed to be done requires the forges to ceaselessly burn. Now with the stockpile of this valuable commodity running out, it is only a matter of time before the forges grow cold.

It is here that we begin, as the task is set to our heroes to venture north up the forest river to the township of Marbelain, the great mining town and provider of coal.

Lords of the North

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