Lords of the North

Back Down the River

Session 6


With the boat moved into the other river the party were able to start their journey back down the forest river to Erebor to get that crucial coal to the furnaces. On getting down to Barge Way, they were met with the family of Dody and Agatha. The hobbits wished to say their goodbyes as they were off to retake their inn and set up business on the Anduin once more. After which the council gave their goodbyes, with Jarl assuring them the town would be safe until they returned.

Down the River

Stopping off one night, the party had their evening meal and then all passed out. They awoke the next morning to find that several of them were naked, their bodies covered with markings in a feint red dye. Baldor advised them to wash off and that they wouldn’t speak of the event again.

A few days later, they found the two other barges that had been sent down. Advising Baldor to hold off a bit, they moored up, upstream from the other barge. From there they went on down to find that the boats had been attacked, black arrows from orcs stuck into them. An unknown voice then started to talk to them.

The figure never revealed themselves and the voice came from an indeterminable place. It told them that the orcs had attacked both boats and taken most of what was on them, save for the coal which was dumped into the river. It said that the occupants had been taken, but it was not clear whether alive or dead. It informed them that the orcs resided in an old camp of the Woses, who had left this part of the forest long ago.

Deciding that they didn’t want to be ambushed at night, they took it upon themselves to go hunting for the orcs. Scouting around they picked up the trail and started to follow it back to the orcs camp. Along the way they found a lot of traps designed to ensure men and the like. Tactically they re-purposed the traps, however it was to little avail. As they came across the camp they let their presence be known and the whole camp of orcs descended on them.

It was a bloody fight, taking down the whole war band, though stands as a testament to the group bravery. They felled the orcs and their chief, Karzen. Later they took to searching the orcs camp and found that the orcs were acting under the instruction of a great power and that they were piling up bodies underground.

Knowing this was a bad place, they collapsed the warren in.

A quick detour

Returning to Thranduils court they made the delivery of river magic and were well played. They chose not to say and the offer was extended that they would gladly trade for more rivermagic, though at a more reasonable price.

Return to Erebor

Met at the banks of the River by Nar, they were welcomed to their former home. Immediately they were swept away to meet with King Thorin III. There they were given their treasure as a reward for the perilous journey they undertook. Furthermore they were declared friends to the lonely mountain and that hospitality would be granted to them, whenever or for however long they so desired.

With that they were taken to private chamber to rest and recover. In that time they were approached by one of the lords of Erebors halls and asked if they could acquire some of Marbelains famous whiskey and whether it could be sent down regularly. Likewise Thorondir approached Nar to ask if he knew of any other experienced boat crews and how many boats he would be willing to send.

With these answers and the suggestion to find Oin and family, they departed the following morning.

Lake Town and the Long Ride Home

Meeting with Oin at laketown and he agreed he and his boys would man one of the boats up the river to Marbelain and set up a trade route. However a previous engagement meant that he couldn’t go on up with them, leaving them to make the journey back on their own.

The adventure concluded as they rested on more time by the side of the river. A storm had come on down and made the river unsafe to travel. As lightning streaked across the sky, they heard the shrill cry of an eagle. Only to look up and see one fly by overhead and then crash on down into the forest.



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