Lords of the North

On Feathered Wings

Session 8

The Council Meeting

With the council starting without Burwin and Daeron, it left Thorondir and Durin to starting the discussions. The eagles case was presented and in a surprising twist, the reception by the councillors was positive, if practical. The issue of food was raised, and soon after of housing. Aldritch was adamant that the town treasury couldn’t be given the burden of compensating the farmers for all their lost animals over the years.

It thus fell to the group to pay for Belethorn. Unsure if they come, they received aid from Lady Dalla. Choosing to side with them, she offered to pay the remaining cost to the council. Afterwards it was commented that the party truly are having a positive impact on the town. No one else has ever got the council to so universally be behind something.

The last little bits

The councils offer was extended to the eagle, who graciously accepted, commenting on how wonderful Marbelain must be, in been so accepting of strangers. Shortly after Aldritch came to formally offer a place to him and the two shook hands to accept (in a fashion).

From here Thorondir spend a few days getting to know his employees. Berwin spent time with Kol and Durin visited Lady Rena along with Daeron. Everyone was home, and everyone was happy.

The Fellowship Phase

Over the winter the characters did much to pass the time.

Durin helped rebuild the towns orphanage, a charitable act indeed. While Berwin was equally charitable in forging several dozen finest shields in order to equip a standby militia. Daeron spent much time tending to the home of Lady Rena, particularly to the garden. While Thorondir took to the art of fishing… or at least singing while fishing.

Later Berwin would go on to forge her most recent master piece. A great shield of most perfect made Dwarven steel and elven wood. While Daeron poured over Marbelains library and came to find a secret a lost secret, involving a talking statue from Fram and the rough whereabouts of it’s location. Lastly Thorondir made good on one of his promises, getting Erebor an emergency supply of coal, helping build up it’s store once more.

The winter was also the time of a few revelations. Berwin was visited by Lady Fayne of the council:

In a friendly warning she said to ignore the little bickering of the council as mere friendly rivalry and that the only person to truly be weary of was Elerai, the Inn keeper.

Durin by happen chance came across Banruff, the towns spice merchant, who he had only ever seen in passing. Banruff eagerly thanks Durin and his friends for all the help they had done, particularly commenting on how well they seemed to bring everyone together.

Daeron however got to see the gradual changes in Lady Rena. As her ladyship spent time in her newly renovated home, now showing fine elven craft, and her garden which had practically become magical in nature. He saw how much improved she seemed, and how he hadn’t noticed before, but how much shadow actually lay over her. Yet seemingly with new friendships and something deeper, and the wellness of an Elven garden, she is now a new person.

Finally Thorondir was visited with Ramwulf, who came to make mention that he was leaving town for a bit to go into the mountains. Locals had started talking about some beast that was lurking around, and that there had been two disappearances. So as the towns ‘premier’ hunter, he was going on up to take care of the problem and that he wouldn’t likely be back until later in the summer.



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