Lords of the North

Return to Marbelain

Session 7

Queen of Eight Legs

The eagle made enough of a crash landing that the party were able to track the creature down to where it lay. Wounded and hurt there was little they could immediately do for it. The eagle himself implored the party to leave, that with his dramatic crash the spiders of the Mirkwood would have realised what had happened and they would swiftly come to claim their prize. Refusing to abandon the eagle to it’s fate at the hands of the spiders, they stayed and got ready to fight.

The spiders soon descended upon them, first a few and then many. Even Baldor stayed and with sword drawn got into the fray. Many of the lesser spiders fell onto the heroes blades. However then came something most dark and evil. The area of the forest they were in fell into an unnatural shade and from that shade 8 menacing eyes began to bear down on them.

The spider queen made herself known, a most horrifying visage that shook most of the characters right at their core. She snared the elf and then proceeded to try and feast upon Berwin. Realising how powerful a foe she was, the might of the party fell upon. Several deep cuts were made into her hide, before finally the most surprising of her adversaries, Baldor, rushed forward and sunk the sword of the Blacksmith into her hide.

When the queen fell, her children turned upon her and eat her carcass. While this bestial display of cannibalism was carried out, the party fled with the eagle and crossed the river into Northern Mirkwood. While on the other side, the party rested and tended to their wounds. The eagle properly greeted them and declared his name to be Balathorn, a young eagle (essentially a juvenile).

Balathorn explained that he had made his home within Angmar, assuming the shadow upon the area to be gone with the death of the Witch King and that of Souron himself. However he came to learn that Angmar and the city of Carn Dum had been claimed by a dragon called Urgnost.

Balathorn had since been left homeless and had come to Mirkwood to try and find a territory to call his own, when since he had got caught in the storm and wounded. Meanwhile, Baldor beamed with pride at his accomplishment and had decided to start calling his sword Spider Bane.

Balathorns Tip

In return for saving them Balathorn informed the party of an interesting site he had seen while flying over the Mirkwood. What was perhaps an old Wosey treasury, a set of standing stones with a stone locker, was only a few hours walk from the edge of the River. Knowing where it was, he promised to tell them where to moor up and where to go to find this place.

Intrigues by the possibility of finding what the Woses had left behind, they moored up at the point told to them by Balathorn and went in search of this repository. While walking through the woods they come across a number of strange items. Hanging from the tree’s were twigs, fashioned together to look like little place.

Despite been careful, Daeron and Thorondir bumped into these little dangling charms, which then fell from the tree. Daeron tried to put his back up, but found tieing the knot just came undone and the little wooden man fell to the ground again. Unsure what to do, he put it into his pocket. Whereas Thorondir was disturbed by this, apologised profusely for knocking into it and left the charm on the ground.

Finding the standing stones they inspect the area and find there to be nothing that would suggest the Woses had been here for some time. The stone lid was heavy and took some moving, but on been shoved slide back to reveal it was a repository for all the things the Woses had clearly found over the years.

However as they took from the casket, the brush was parted by men made of wood that resembled the hanging trinkets, but which were full size and stood like any man. Clacking and moving in a rickety fashion, they stumbled on over. Thorondir thinking they were protecting the treasure, told everyone to put it back. However as they passed by him and took a hold of Daeron, it became clear they were after something else.

Figuring it out, Daeron gave back the little wooden man, and two of the full size ones left with it. However the remaining four began to drag him away, until Berwin intervened and demanded they leave him alone for he had done no harm. Seeming to respect her authority, they let go and amble back into the woods.

Safe once more they took the treasures, which included much gold coins, a bracelet, necklace and beard ring of dwarvish design, along with a shaft of wood, seemingly of Elf craft.

Once more back on the river and little happened. Save for Daeron complaining that the frogs wouldn’t leave him alone at night.

Back to Marbelain

Returning to Marbelain they met with Erland and Kelda, the former river boat craftsman that in hard times had become fisherman. They welcomed everyone back and marvelled at the eagle Belethorn. Leaving him behind with them two, the group made their way to Marbelain to meet with the council, knowing they had a matter to deal with.

Baldor took the chance to talk to them about the decision they were making. He reminded them that the Eagle would come with an expensive upkeep if he remaining in the town, but agreed that having such a guardian living in the mountain would be greatly beneficial. He also reminded them that politics isn’t always about the right ideas and sometimes just devolves into people disagreeing just to antagonise a rival.

With that in mind they set about to divide and conquer the council. Thorondir and Durin went to meet with Aldritch and get his support, while Daeron and Berwin went to get the fire keeper and get his support, asking him to only make the suggestion that the Eagle would perch atop the tower of Cinder.

In two hours it will be time for the council session.

Having gathered up the remaining river boats, they got back to Marbelain with few other distractions.



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