Lords of the North

Some down time

Session 12


In the wake of the attacks, things weren’t the same around town. Erik of the fields had become something of a hero, due to his efforts on the night to get people to safety, even at great personal risk. Likewise Elerai of the Golden Lion was getting talked about, after he led a band of citizens into battle.

Berwin handed over her smithy to the displaced farmers, giving them somewhere warm and dry to rest while everything got sorted out. She also did patrols around the area and visited the firekeeper to let him and Baldur know that everything was sorted.

Later in the day the party would meet to discuss things. Thorondirs pride was hurt by the action of Daeron, who has taken it upon himself to judge when Thorondir is worthy of taking back the sword kings jewel. Berwin did not take well to this, disliking that someone would judge another, but then did also not take well to Thorondir walking out and giving up on his own honour.

Baldur who was witness to this seemed to place some trust in Daeron. As someone who had many dealings with the Elves, he took assurance that whatever was been done was been done for a good reason. Durin however took the casual dwarf attitude that time healed all wounds and that some time apart would help everyone to get over this.

Another Fellowship Phase

With peoples hearts heavy with shadow the four heroes went there separate ways for a while. Durin set about to rebuild much of the town, greatly improving the graveyard and also fixing the cart track that came down from the mountains. Daeron retired to the archives, researching the enemy and also looking into a little local lore. He discovered tell of why hunters rarely go too far up North from the river, due to a large frozen stag that haunts the mist.

Berwin took some time to train up Kol, who made sure but steady progress. She also created her master piece, a shield to rival in the best of works she’s done before. Designed for Durin, it was human craft that could almost rival the dwarves themselves. Lastly Thorondir took some time to lick his wounds, composing songs to lift his spirits while he fished with the locals. Lastly he took a special order of coal down to Erebor.

Into the Woods

After several months, Daeron brought everyone back together, ready to once more approach the woods that menaced the farm land. All agreeing to this, they stayed a night at Eriks farm, since that was now one of the closest. They then in the morning set on out.

With little effort they found the second clearing. Yet another ritual sight they discovered two standing stones, setup so that someone could be chained between them. Around the area was animal carcases, now licked to the bone their chests were pulverised. Thorondir checked for tracks and found that the Morgh had certainly been here, along with Orcs. Lastly there was the unmistakable tracks of an armoured man, most likely the black Numenorean.

With the area searched they hoped to follow the Black Numenorean’s tracks. However….

The Unforgiving Forest

No matter how much they tried to walk into the North Western corner of the woods they could not. A foul magic had fallen over the place that skews sensors and distorts perception. Without fail it kept them out of that part of the forest.

Unsure of what else to do, they set on out to stake out the ritual site, in the hope of catching the fiend in the act.



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