A travelling merchant of Rohvannion


Baldor goes where Baldor is needed, transporting wares around Rohvannion.

When the group met Baldor he had been turned on by his guards. The men were talked down and Baldor offered work to the group to finish his journey with him. They have since them traveled with him to the Elven Halls and then into Mirkwood, where he has acted as their guide.

Baldor is the Father of Belgo who travels with him as he does business. From what he has said it is clear that he lost his wife some time ago and now does his utmost to bring Belgo up.

Since getting to Marbelain, Baldor has continued to work with the party. He was gifted a sword by Thorondir that belonged to Marbelains blacksmith. Then later with the very same blade, slew the spider queen whose brood threatened Belethorn the eagle.



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