Captain of the Cerulean Guard


Jarl is the most stoic of the Cerulean guard. He is middle aged by societies standards, but is as young and fit as he was when he first wore the blue cape. Jarl is a master swordsman by reputation, though since the end of the war of the ring, has not had much call to put his sword arm to good use.

His relationship is known to be strained with Aldritch who he still believed came the Alderman through suspicious means. However his loyalty to Marbelain means he still carries out his duties and the laws laid down by the merchant council.

He spends most of his time now in the Guard barracks, organizing the patrols and rotations of the other guardsman and attending council meetings. When the Black Numenorean attacked, he fought along with the hermit elf. However the two were overcome and Jarl suffered an injury to his arm.

Since then his relationship with the party has been a little strained. He felt betrayed when they didn’t come forward with the information that was given to them by Leiknir. Further to that, they have been seen to side with Erik with it came to the dog fighting pit. However things have improved since they found and reported the altar stone in the woods. Not to mention the good deed they did for Burchst without reward.



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