King of the Woodland Realm


Everyone knows of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm and Father of the hero Legolas. Despite his renown he is a reclusive figure, known for been cautious and protective of his people.

Because of his service to the realm, Baldor received an audience with the King. Likewise, Daeron for been a fellow Elf from Lothlorien was welcomed into Thranduils halls to bare witness to two of his people starting their journey West.

He also revealed a taste he has for a human beverage, surprising given his reputation as some what of an Elven purist. Called by his people the Din’Aro, it would seem to be a spirit produced in Marbelain. Sadly with the war his cellars have run dry. He would pay handsomely to anyone who could acquire a cask of this drink and send it down river.



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