Shield Maiden of Rohan.


rohanweb.jpg Berwin is a woman carrying all the signs of a battle scarred veteran of The War of the Ring. Small scars healed awkwardly, hair beginning to silver far too early for her age. Her motions reserved, economical and practical. Her armour is well worn but cared for and her blades honed to a good cutting edge.

Her manner however is at odds to her appearance. She is cheerful and helpful to a fault. Willing to allow people the benefit of the doubt, she endeavours to be a friend to all those she meets. It’s as if all the death and fear of the final days have left a need within her to live free and happy. A joy for life and people around her. Though she has sacrificed much in her life during the war, she has survived and this means the world to her.

Everyday of life after the battle of the black gate is a gift and one to be shared with others.


Berwin daughter of Elymer and Gwynn was raised in the shadows of Edoras and the halls of King Theoden. Her childhood was one spent with her brother Bran. Raised on the back of her horse she along with her brother grew to be fine riders and when it came time for Bran to learn the way of the blade Berwin soon followed after.

A long portion of her childhood took place in the sea of grasslands around the capital learning to fight shoulder to shoulder with her brother. Bran grew during those long sunny days into a fine swordsman. Quick with a long-blade and devastating with his attacks but reckless in regard to his own safety. So it was that it became Berwin’s task to become his shield and guardian. So they trained, Berwin constantly adapting to the movements of her brother and learning to turn aside the blows that could fell him.Earning her the nickname Little-Shadow. It was during this time that she met Eon, another of the youths training to join the ranks of the Riders of the Mark. Eon was her first love and they became very close.

During her time away the capital began to change. Her mother passed away from consumption after only a year away from home. Berwin and Bran would not hear the news for another half year. Her father began to fall from the court of the king pushed into the margins of court life due to the whispers of the kings new counsellor…The capital soon became a den of shadows and back stabbing as the Kings health became grim and Wormtongues influence grew. By the time Bran and Berwin finished their training they return to find their father a broken man exiled to helms deep.

During the following years Berwin married Eon, tough at her father’s insistence there is no honeymoon nor time for children as he sends his children out to ride with Eomer who he sees as the only hope for Rohan.

Her life now follows the fate of Eomer’s as She, Eon and her brother ride with him though tragedy strikes when at Helms Deep Eon is taken by an orc arrow while defending the keep. With little time for grief Berwin is forced to ride on with the army, no time given to attend the funeral of her husband. The war becomes a much darker place from that moment. Little though is given to the blood, filth and threat of death. Each skirmish and battle heralds less care and as the fight goes on Berwin and Bran become known as a swirling death on the battlefield.

The final battle of the war at the lack Gate saw height and depth of Berwin’s war. Towards the end of the fight when all hope seemed lost Berwin found herself with Bran far inside enemy lines facing one of the dreaded Ringwraiths. They fought the wraith and in the final moments ran slew it cutting into it’s ring in the process and taking a cut to his side in the process. The tides turned and reinforcements arrived. Though in his maddening state ran slew servel of his own kin. Berwin fearing for her brother, knocked him out and looted the ring from the rags left by the wraith. Fleeing before forces could be sent to capture her brother.

Now Berwin moves North with the tide of displaced humanity hiding and fending for her brother who follows in the shadows. As long as they can remain free Berwin hopes to reforge the broken ring and in doing so save her brothers soul from the darkness that threaten to takes him.


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