An ancient and wise statue of Nerdanel


Whether created by Nerdanel herself, or by another of the great elven smiths, it is a perfect depiction of the lady herself. Made of some kind of polished metal that has not a single sharp or straight edge.

Found within some of the caves near the snowman, records state that the statue was one of the great treasures of Framsburg. Because of such a perfect depiction it shared some of the essence of Nerdanel herself, giving the statue a life of it’s own that dispensed sagely advice.

For fear of that been used by one of the fallen Kings, the statue was spirited away, taken to the caves and hidden there in secret. Guarded by a family of frost cats, only one has survived till modern times. It’s life extended beyond any other member of it’s species and having been taught by the Tennbriss, which it now refers to as Mother.

The statue was recently found by the party. They chose to leave it in the caves rather than taken it back to Marbelain, due to the distress and potential harm it would cause to the guardian.



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